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How to Attract and Engage Blog Readers

How to Attract and Engage Blog Readers

Blog is no doubt a very effective strategic tool to achieve various organization goals. It is a well known fact that for a blog to be successful it needs some loyal readers. So all you need is to attract and engage blog readers to read your blog or follow your post. But the vital question is how will you do it? So here are some tips for you that you may find useful to find some loyal readers.

Blog bot baita

We all appreciate well written fresh and interesting contents. But the story is completely different with Search engine bots, they are obsessed with keywords. So a blog has to satisfy both the readers who visit your blog and subscribe to your post and bots that help to push your Google ranking higher and manages more readers towards your blog.
Here are some of the tips for you which will boost your blog post for managing more readers:-
 1.Always try to use multiple tags in all your post because bots search tags for keywords.
2. More frequently published blogs get higher ranks than those that don’t frequently publish posts on their blog.
3.Try to write about your organization’s work on specific issues every now and then to get higher rankings.

Encourage Sharing

There is no other bigger platform than Twitter, Facebook or even Google Plus+ which help promoting and sharing. You can get feedback from your readers on how they feel about your blog posts which will help you engage with readers very easily. Add built in sharing tools to your blog so that your readers can easily share or email your posts on Twitter, Facebook or Google
Plus+ or in other platforms.You will be surprised to know that 44% online sharing is done on Facebook. So the more likes or tweets you get means the more you grow your leadership up. You should also add subscription option for both RSS and email delivery to cultivate more regular readers. You can also follow the 90/10 rule for blog promotion on social media platforms recommended by Maddie Grant. It says; post 90% of the time about other blogs and 10% of your time about your own blog. Shelly Alcorn also recommends cultivating relationship with other bloggers and sharing their post while Ray recommends three simple rules of “Publish, Promote and Repeat” for attracting readers.

Disallow controversial or bad comments

Blogs falls under a type of social media because it’s conversational. Now if you want to engage your readers by allowing them to comment then don’t forget to install a spam filter. Many organizations prefer to review the comments first and then to approve them before publishing. But that may hinder your conversation. Again many other organizations allow all comments to appear automatically and then delete the one that don’t falls under the blog guidelines. Always try to stick to a guide such as social media policy to address controversial comments.
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Engage your readers

Always try to reply to each and every comment. This is a very helpful trick to engage your readers in a conversation. Twitter is a good place where you can promote comments and prompt readers to revisit a post. If people are commenting on Twitter but not on your blog then try to engage them there, it’s fine. People who share or comment in your posts is nothing but a volunteer advocate.

Measuring engagement

Blogs are nothing but a low budget item with only an exception that is time. How will you realize that whether you blog is worth the time or not? Try Google Analytics to analyze the time spent on the site and the returning visitors which will give you a fair idea whether your hard work behind your blog is paying off or not. Bloggers also track the numbers of reader’s emails, comments or use of sharing tools and mention them on other blogs and tweets.

What’s your Say

Hope the above mentioned points will surely help you to succeed in generating more traffic towards your blog if you have any other ideas that I might have missed then please do share with us in the comment section.
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