Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Google+ Shortcut Keys

Google+ is the 2nd most popular social network today. It has launched by Google. Google+ has currently 235 million monthly active users and more than 500 million users have been registered with it. So today I'll give you an useful tip related to Google+. If you are active on G+, these shortcut keys helps you to do actions without mouse.

Google+ Shortcut Keys-zezr

Google+ Shortcut Keys

Keys                    Action

j                             Next Post
k                            Previous Post
o                            Expand / Colopse Post
n                            Next comment on Current post
p                            Previous Comment on Current Post
r                             Comment on Current Post
/                             Search
?                            Open Shortcut help
@                          Send feedback
<--                          List pages (Enter opens selected page)
Space                   Scroll down stream by regular intervals
Space +Shift        Scroll up stream by regular intervals
Enter                     Moves your cursor to Comment box when stream update is finished
Tab + Enter          Submit comment
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