Friday, 17 May 2013

How to Double Your Traffic on Blog and Websites

How to Double Your Traffic on Blog and Websites
Developing and maintaining your website and Blog is heck of a job. Once you complete building a website don’t get it for granted that you can just sit and relax. You have to work and bring traffic to your website otherwise it is useless. It really requires time and effort to maintain it that is the main reason why many sites remain stagnant.
So basically what we want is to double our traffic and this is the thing which strikes in your mind every time but not anymore as I am going to share some of the useful information regarding doubling of traffic.

Reduce loading times

Always make sure your website loads faster and not slower so that visitors should feel in interesting rather dull due to slow loading. To make sure this happen use clean page layouts and features that are not out date or clunky.

Use relevant content

Try to keep your content strictly focused on what your visitors are curious about and enjoy going through them. Find it. Find the things visitors are interested in and learn those and try keeping each & every information based on that knowledge only.

Social media

No need to mention how social media can influence your website now days and bring lots of lots of traffic towards your website. You must know the fascinating world of social media being a blogger. It is more like a trend now a day connecting with social media to improve the number of visitors. The much known Facebook is just an example of social media but the most effective one now days. Try to join as many groups you can and promote your posts and in turn get as much likes you could get.  Other examples of social media are tweeting or Google+.

Guest posting

When you are having some real problems regarding traffic and when there is no change in increasing your domain authority try posting guest posts. It is suggested to be another important method of bringing traffic. One thing you should keep in mind allow guest posting from authority sites as only posts from authority sites can double your blog traffic. Stay away from spam sites as much as you can.

Make Connections

Easiest technique of all till now and is proven to be an effective one that is “making connections”. And how you make connections? Don’t worry easiest way to make connections is blog commenting. When you are not master in guest posting try opt for blog commenting. Try to comment on every blog and follow it as a schedule. Smoothly and steadily you will double your traffic in just a matter of time. Try to reply each and every visitor’s comments and thanking them for their valuable time.

Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the important techniques that are used by bloggers to attract more visitors. To double your traffic you must need to add rich keywords,h1,h2 tags i.e.[make your content fully optimized] to your post so that it get more exposure on the search engines this will get you clicks from search engines and simultaneously help you to double your traffic.   

Gifts and Giveaways

It is a common technique of bringing visitors again and again. Share incentives with them so that they will return again and again. Offer them contests, web promotions, coupons and other gifts that can influence their return.
There are lot of other ways also but to quickly double your traffic maintain above few important tips. Sooner you will see your domain authority rising and rising.

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