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The Most Important and Leading SEO Aspects in 2013

                                      The Most Important and Leading SEO Aspects in 2013

                                     The Most Important and Leading SEO Aspects in 2013
What do you think about the new SEO trends this year? Let’s have a qualitative discussion regarding the past and the on-going prospective factors which could flaunt and bring up your SEO implications.
2012 was difficult for SEO professionals due to extreme changes in Google’s methods, namely the Panda and Penguin updates. While material quality and backlinks keep performing significant tasks in natural positions, let us have a look at the other aspects that will regulate SEO in 2013.
Looking back at 2012 SEO – the time of Developing Value, and the Appearance of Visitor Posting & Pandas and Penguins,
Before we jump into the forecasts for SEO in this year, let us summarize the significant styles of 2012:
Though initially launched this year, Google’s Panda criterion went through multiple updates that started to throw many low-quality sites out of the SERPs; thousands of sites were affected. Search engines launched the Penguin criteria in Apr 2012, which modified the face of the industry, pushing many SEOs to evolve their techniques. Many organizations that had involved in Penguin-unfriendly SEO techniques were brought down from the Google search, and organizations that continued to practice these techniques saw their positions vanish, often without any warning.
Search engines got much wiser, to the level that they are able to differentiate between materials that contributes real value, and material that has been published completely for SEO reasons. “Value” became an important aspect — one that will determine how Search engines think about sites. Adverse SEO became a hot subject of discussion, to the level that Search engines reacted by releasing the Disavow Link device, which encourages website owners to specify inbound hyperlinks that should be removed or reduced by Search engines when it analyses hyperlinks to their website.
Of the utilized SEO techniques that were ousted and devalued, the overuse of the Anchor text was the most popular. Remains of sites that used “paid links” were started out too.

Now in 2013 the most important visible features are as follows:

If you ask me, I’d basically concentrate on developing value for people because eventually, that should be the objective of any web page. However, improving competitors may need you to implement ideal methods in a realistic strategy to help you reach the top of SERPs. Here are the techniques that will control the SEO scenery in 2013.

#1:  Provide the Quality Content

Eventually, it all comes down to the top quality and value of the material on your website. Search engines have been very precise this season about good-quality material, and we anticipate this pattern to carry over into the next season with full impact. If I say top quality material, the criteria is:
  • Originality of the content/topic
  • Resourcefulness and details wealth (i.e., no slim content)

#2: Proper Content Marketing Strategies

Material promotion/ Content Marketing are being recognized as the next big thing. Professionals have called it the new SEO. To a level, this is true. On the whole, content promotion draws inbound links, and contributes value for the user/reader. It is more complicated, because you have to produce more content of top quality, flow it, and make sure your websites content gets released commonly with adequate social alerts to produce significant SEO value. Since search engines take useful content seriously, a strong content technique will be the key to going up to the next level in SEO.

#3: Create Responsive Design

Although, this does not directly impact the position of a web page, it will be one of the aspects in your performance. Search engines were the first to become aware of this pattern in web surfing due to the increase in the existence of tablets and mobile phones. Sensitive designs may not be a precise SEO aspect, but with regards to functionality, it is likely to be a very significant aspect to consider in 2013.

#4:  AuthorRank & Social Signals

AuthorRank has appeared as an essential measurement in determining SERPs, although research about its value is still continuous. One factor that we can be sure of in 2013 is that AuthorRank will add reliability and value to your web page, and it will be essential for every web page owner.
After much conversation, public alerts have mostly been approved as legitimate position aspects. In the next year (and probably in the years to follow), public alerts will play a growing part. Stocks, retweets, refer to, and perhaps most of all, +1s are awards every website owner should be gathering.

#5: Accurate Media Distribution

Pictures and video clips have become the essentials on the Internet. We’ve continually seen that materials including video clips get rated higher than text-only material. The further appearance of press material is an important growth, which you could anticipate next year. It’s becoming important to add appropriate non-textual press to written text material, because this contributes value and makes the material more practical.

#6: More weight on Localization

Google’s increasing choice for regional sites and details has become obvious in many queries. It’s safe to believe that in 2013 we’ll observe an increase in this choice. Websites that implement regional SEO will enjoy higher positions and exposure. This contains map information, results, details, and opinions on regional details sites.
The above are some of the significant styles that I believe will perform a key role in SEO for 2013.

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