Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to delete unnecessary Files from PC 100% Working


UnCleaner - The Unnecessary Files Cleaner Solution !!!

UnCleaner is a specialist software designed to remove all unnecessary files on the computer


UnCleaner is an software designed to fast clean the computer removing all unnecessary files stored into it.
All configurations are automatic and safe, the user don't need of configure the application.
Using the Auto Clean feature, the system is cleaned every startup without increase the time.
The system is cleaned in seconds without touch on the configurations or cleaning any application data.
Large scale of system areas, removing permanently all log and temporary files stored by many applications.
Using an advanced reverse search engine, the software is the best solution for fast clean and optimize the computer.


Low computer resources usage on the use.
Fastest managed installer, one second is only needed to install the application on the computer.
No configuration, only install and clean is necessary for an full computer optimization.
Fast and quick file tracker for an better performance in a low time.
Automatic file analysis when start.
Advanced log tracker on the clean analysis.
Detailed File-Report with the Chart option.
Auto Clean feature for an silent work every startup.
Application updater for an good user information of new releases.

The software engine will search / clean:

Windows Update Downloaded & Log Files *
Account Temp Files for All Users
LocalApplicationData Log Files
ApplicationData SubItems Logs
Microsoft .NET Framework Logs
Windows Installer Temp Files
Windows Folder Log Files
ServiceProfiles Log Files
Downloaded Installations
Performance Log Files
Drivers Inf Log Files
ReportQueue Log Files
Shutdown Cache Files
Prefetch Cached Data
DataStore Temp Files
Explorer Temp Files
Narrator Temp Files
Shell Cached Icons
Shell Cached Files
Updates Temp Files
System32 Log Files
*.tmp Stored Files
Offline Web Pages
Cached Wallpapers
System Log Files
Panther Log Files
Logon Temp Files
WINSAT Log Files
MSDTC Log Files
Debug Log Files
Root Log Files
Wbem Log Files
Font Cache Files
Cached Folders
WER Log Files
WDI Log Files
CatRoot Logs
Recycle Bin
Driver Logs
Temp Files

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