Thursday, 18 July 2013

Make Money Online By Using Google Adsense Alternatives

Looking for making some money online, but don’t have approval for Adsense to your blog or site? If yes, you should be searching for any perfect alternative for Google Adsense. Then this post is for you. The majority of the users complains about Adsense not getting approved or it got banned and they have to search out some other ways to monetize their sites or blogs by using any other platform.
Google AdSenseThe complains of those users urged me for writing this post that is related to the best and perfect alternatives to Google Adsense. Google Adsense has become a vital platform for the users where they can monetize their sites and can make sufficient bucks out of it. But, when the site you are running does not get approved for Google Adsense, you become disappointed. Now you should be relaxed because you may have a lot of alternatives of Google Adsense and if you are having a few potential visitors at your blog/site, you would be able to make a handsome amount of money. So let’s have a detailed view of some popular Adsense alternatives.

Top 10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

1) Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAdsA perfect online ad network for the users who want to monetize the website/blog. It is a marketplace or a store where the users can sell or buy ads. It is not an easy process to get a “Buy Sell Account”, but the users having a remarkable number of Page Views or having a remarkable number of visitors/month, you would be able to get the account easily. You will be paid 75% revenue generated by the BSA. It pays the users through PayPal and the minimum payout limit is $50.

2) Infolinks

infolinksIt is considered one of the top ranking advertising program. So, the people who do not have Adsense account should try to get an account in Infolink. It facilitates you for Pay Per Click advertising system for indexing your site to add some hyperlinks in it. The people having good traffic from the Western world like Canada and USA can make a handsome amount of money from Infolinks. It pays you through PayPal and the minimum amount the users can draw is $50.

3) Chitika

ChitikaIn the functionality, Chitika has a great resemblance with Google Adsense. Like Google Adsense, it gives the users much control over their ads. A major benefit of using Chitika is that you can use it even if you are using Adsense on your blog/site. It pays you via PayPal and the minimum payout you can have is $10 and the users who want to receive the amount via check would require a minimum payout of $50.

4) Tribal Fusion

Tribal FusionIt is generally a CPM ad network for the users who are looking for generating some passive income. The users having good site and massive traffic/month can earn a lot through it. It is not an easy task to become a Tribal Fusion publisher, but the users having 500,000+ Page views/month can get approval for their site. So be ready to get an account on Tribal Fusion and if you get it successfully, you would be able to earn a lot of amount.

5) ClickSor

ClickSorIf you have recently launched your site, ClickSor would be the most annoying Ad network and if your site does not get Adsense approval due to lack of traffic, you should try ClickSor. It provides you various kinds of Ads such as Pop ups and In-Text Contextual. The minimum amount paid to the user is $50 and surely your site will be approved at once. So best of luck with ClickSor.

6) Kontera

KonteraIt is an In-Text Ad Network that is very similar to Infolinks. It transforms the text into ads and helps you in earning money. The users having a good number of traffic can get approval to Adsense at Kontera. The minimum amount it pays the users is $50 that can be achieved quite easily.

7) AdBrite

AdBriteAdBrite can be considered a perfect alternative to Google Adsense. You cannot get approved for it in your first attempt. Once you get an approval, the AdBrite would add an Ad Banner into your site so that you may have advertisement offers. It splits the generated revenue into 25% – 75% and pays you through check. The minimum amount it pays is $100.

8) Bidvertiser

BidVertiserIt gives the users Pay Per Click network where they are paid for displaying Ads on their sites. It does not only offer Feed Ads, but also Contextual Ads. It pays the amount through Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check and the minimum amount it pays is $10.

9) iSocket

iSocketIt is quite similar to BSA (Buy Sell Ads) in its functions, but somehow it is better than BSA according to my point of view. The users cannot get approval for their site in iSocket. It facilitates you the direct Ad Sale and also in various best sites online. It requires your site having at least 1000,000 unique visitors/month. So visit and apply for approval quickly.

10) Adversal

ADVERSALUndoubtedly it is an excellent Ad network and a newer as well. The users looking for a good alternative to Google Adsense would definitely prefer it. It provides Pop Ups and full page banners. The users having Western World’s traffic would be able to get benefits from it. This network also shows Adsense Ads on your blog/site. You can get maximum 5 ad blocks per page with Adversal.
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