Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ubuntu Edge Campaign

Ubuntu Edge Campaign: ‘The Future of the Phone’ worth $32 Million

Canonical, the producers of very well-known OS Ubuntu believe the future lies in the concept of ‘Convergence’ and hence they are coming forward with their latest product ‘Edge’, a Smartphone they claim to jump ahead of all other Smartphones as it will work as a desktop PC as well.
Europe and U.S. Will be entertaining this new Smartphone housing a dual-chip LTE for high-speed 4G internet and is expected to have a minimum of 128GB internal storage all in all backed by a4GB RAM. Though there has been no official announcement on the details of the processor but Ubuntu has ensured users it is going to integrate the fastest one claiming the phone to be “a potent little PC when docked.”
Mark Shuttleworth, known for founding Canonical, explained this Smartphone project while releasing the project via a YouTube video that this is a platform for newer types of phone hardware as well as being an exemplary opportunity for financing phone industry which has been claimed far better in comparison with the car industry:
 “With the car industry we have the Formula One to test new technology. But the mobile industry has nothing like that – there’s no premium segment for expert drivers. It’s like everyone is driving mass-produced sedans.”
It is a one shot project with a fixed-funding status that might not succeed lest $32million is collected by 21St Of August. Presently Edge has managed a funding worth $3 million however concerns have been shown regarding Edge’s inconsistent price tags: you can earn a ‘founder’ position by giving away $20 that reaches an unexpected $600 as a limited time offer and $830 to get the Smartphone in your possession.

Feature-wise Edge will come with a 4.5 inch display where the focus has been kept on “color accuracy and brightness” instead of resolution like other companies. Also, the screen is somewhat peculiar since the glass has been substituted by a sapphire crystal, “a material so hard you’ll need diamonds in your pockets to scratch it.” It has a rear camera of 8 megapixels and a front facing one of 2 megapixels. The Edge is going to dual boot both Ubuntu and Android, as promised, that means all apps you bought from Google are safe.
Specifications combined with the appearance as revealed by teaser images are going to attract attention but the major appeal stays with Ubuntu’s idea of ‘Convergence’. The idea of a dual boot PC Smartphone is not new as many of us recall the Motorola Atrix from the year 2011 when we hear of it. However, the company claims Edge has better specs and Ubuntu OS is available both for mobile and desktop will push it towards a better response from users.
Shuttleworth’s “a crazy, beautiful idea” is further explained:
“But if there are enough of us out there – enough enthusiasts who want the ultimate in performance, storage, screen, battery and bandwidth, then the Ubuntu Edge will be the catalyst for awesome innovation and a taste of the future of the phone.”
Come August, we will find out if the project made it to the shore or got drowned somewhere in the sea of new yet unattractive releases.
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