Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Advantages of Corel Draw


There are many ways in which one can bring about improvement in graphic design using computer software. One such tool is Corel Draw which needs to be practiced very, very diligently as it is used pretty consistently world-wide in designing images. Where one wants to improve upon the capability to design graphics, learning and practicing on corel draw is the way further. The more one practices and becomes proficient, the more the capability to handle complex demands in the field of graphic designing. The sheer convenience of using Corel Draw makes it its biggest attraction. And with newer clientele coming in everyday, its creators, Corel Corporation has been consistently upgrading its product with newer features in every release making it today the graphic field.

Advantages of Using Corel Draw

Levitating towards the cyber world is the in-thing now and Corel Draw is one such move. The canvas, paper, ink and pencil function of media are now replaced by Corel Draw, a computer program for people to express their ideas in pictorial/ graphically. Several advantages can be had where one uses Corel Draw, such as:
  • For a nifty program of its size, Corel Draw occupy uses very limited capacity of any machine ie., a computer’s memory. This means the machine works to its full capacity, required very less down-time and the performance never is an issue. Also, it is very easy to install on most machines and is OS independent. You could be using a Windows OS or Linux or any other but your still gets done with equal speed and dexterity.
  •  For a humongous program of its size and capabilities, Corel Draw is rather easy to learn. It is partly due to the way it is structured and in equal measure due to its extremely good tutorial and help guides. Also, being a widely-used software, the number of publications catering to this software is huge. One can have any number of books on the subject and that too written very well according to one’s needs and understanding capabilities.
Corel Draw Tutorial

A very effective function provided by the software and of especial use to novices. By going thru this tutorial, one can learn how to use basic shapes and images in corel draw
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