Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

     Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications

So we can only predict the specs and features of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone nothing confirmed from the company still.
Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be powered with a 4600 mAh battery and that sounds pretty huge. The smartphone is expected to be powered with GB of RAM and that also sounds too large but yes that’s what is expected from the company. It would be feature a 4K display while we are not yet confirmed whether the smartphone would be getting 4K recording capabilities or not. Rear camera is expected to be of 20 MPand front is expected to be of 15 MP and that’s something great for the selfie lovers and for photography geeks. It would be running on the latest Android version in 2016.

Not a lot of changes are expected to be done by Samsung on the design of the New Galaxy Note 7. Design is expected to be a lot similar to the Galaxy Note 5. So there are no new surprises on the same by Samsung. Leaks suggest that ( Leaks are not always true) that this time Galaxy Note 7 can be a dual edge smartphone. We have only witnessed on edged smartphone till now like Galaxy S7 Edge. But having edges on the both the sides of the smartphone can be a big change though. We are not at all confirmed on this till now.
The recent Galaxy S7 launched was a waterproof smartphone clearly stating that Samsung is interested in making all the next coming smartphones in the series waterproof. We are expecting that Galaxy Note 7 also would be a water resistant smartphone. Note 5 was not a water resistant smartphone so the leak is pretty confirmed that Note 7 would be a water resistant smartphone.
One of the most important rumor out there is that Note 7 can sport a IRIS Scanner for additional security for the smartphone. So this would be a gaming changing feature if introduced.
UPDATE: What we predicted has gone true! The big thing which was expected to be in Note 7 is Bendable or foldable display the same is expected in Galaxy S8 is true, Samsung made a patent in March months back and not Samsung is all set to skip the “Number 6” and Galaxy Note 7 to come. This is happening because Samsung wants to make it a trend of “S7” “S7 Edge” and “Note 7”, Same number appears every year.
As per the expectations smartphone would be coming in two colors Black and White.  It would be also sporting a fingerprint and retina scanner.

Samsung never disappoints in the hardware section so as we have witnessed the launch of Galaxy S7 which featured Qualcomm 820 chipset. So Note 7 can have Qualcomm Snapdragon and a Samsung Exynos. Instead of using Qualcomm 820 samsung would use Qualcomm 823 to make the performance of the device more better and smooth.
Ap per rumors Snapdragon 823 could have higher clock speeds up to 3.0 GHz and 820 featured 2.4 MHz so there is slight improvement in that. As we have seen that Galaxy S7 was not performing well in the terms of processor so Samsung is working on that part to improve it.
But there are also possibilities that it would be coming with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge’s Exynos 8 Octa 8890 chipset because Samsung did that same last year. Note 5 featured the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge chipset . So there are little possiblites that Samsung can do it again.

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