Thursday, 23 May 2013

Changing your video files to audio files easily
Have you ever thought of changing your video files easily without much trouble ? Then here is the trick… We are going to use Vlc player to change the files. Download Vlc-
We have provided a picture so it can be easy to understand. It will not be in order with the steps given below. It will be given in short and easily viewable screen shots which are numbered in its own order. SO DON’T CONFUSE IT…
1)Open Vlc and press Ctrl + R.
2)Now a window like the one shown in the picture below will be opened.
3)Now press add and add your video file.
4)Press Convert/save button on the bottom of the window.
5)Now select a destination for your file. Ex: you want it to be in Desktop after it is changed then select desktop.
6)Now type a name for it and add .mp3 or .mp4 to the name. Example: Suvavemente-Pitbull.mp3
7) Now if you are done. Select the type you want to change it to. As we are converting it to an audio file here , you can choose Audio-Vorbis,Audio-Mp3 or Audio-Mp3(Mp4)
8)The select start and wait for about 5 minutes(my estimated time) . (It took me 3-4 minutes to change a 3 minute song to audio. Maybe it was done before that but I checked it only after 4 mins)
9)Don’t wait all day long. Just check it out by pausing the vlc which now will be buffering. If the song is all loaded and finished it will be like show in the pic. So close Vlc and check out the new video file. 

Note: I tried only short video files, the longest I tried was 7 mins .. You can try your own, but I am not giving you any guarantee that it will work with long videos. But I think it will 
So,All is well. If you have any trouble just check out the pic.Enjoy!!!
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