Thursday, 23 May 2013

1) Live Stream TV - You can watch live streaming tv on facebook. There is an app called TVDREAM-APP. Search for this app on facebook search bar. Once you authorize it, you can watch live stream.

2) Make Video with your pictures on FB - Visit and you can make a nice video of your facbeook photos.

3) OnlineNow - Whenever you are offline, you cannot see your online friends. However we do have the habit of knowing who is online while we are offline. To make this task easy, just search the
application OnlineNow in facebook search bar.

4) Empty Facbeook Status - Copy paste this into your status box " " without quotes and hit enter. Status will be updates with no content in it.
5) Remove all facebook ads - You can use the Greasemonkey Script in Mozilla firefox " Facebook: Cleaner " to remove all ads. Basically it will hide all the facebook ads on the page.

and the best trick :

6) How to delete your Facebook account permanently?

Facebook gives you the link to deactivate the account in the account settings. But there is no option to DELETE your facebook account permanently. However that option is available but not in the account settings. You can find this option in the facbeook help. Here is the direct link for you in case you want to delete your facebook account -

Open this link. Fill the form and Don't login to facebook for next 15 Days. It will be deleted.
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