Thursday, 23 May 2013

Gmail Tools u will surely love it !!!

I love Gmail. It helps me tame my chaotic brain, and organize my daily work. I love having all my emails, calendars, and (many) documents all available through one service. My Gmail experience has been amplified tremendously by integrating the following tools into my regular workflow:

•ToutApp: It has dramatically changed by email experience ever since. Do you get frustrated when someone doesn't respond to your emails? Are you tired of writing the same responses to similar questions? Well, with ToutApp you can see whether (and when) someone has opened your email, downloaded an attachment or clicked on a link. This is best for people in sales and marketing, but can be helpful for anyone. ToutApp also allows you to write and send canned responses really easily. In ToutApp (on Gmail) I have folders with various email templates for sales, marketing, customer service and hiring/recruiting. Think about how much time this will save you! All those "Hi thanks for your interest in our company. I'd be happy to help, blah,blah" can now be answered in seconds with a simple dropdown menu and a couple clicks. This is the most beneficial Gmail tool out there.

•Rapportive: Knowing a bit about the people that you're emailing is important. Rapportive gives you a sneak peak of each person you email by connecting their email address to their social networks. You'll see a snippet of their Twitter feed, a link to their LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and any other social media associated with that email address. Another cool trick with Rapportive: If you don't know someone's email address for sure, you can guess it (typically by typing it into the TO field of an email, and if their social profiles show up, you'll know that you got the right person. Try this with some big CEOs or celebrities you've been itching to get an email out to.

•Inbox Pause: When you're deep in a project, and email is becoming a distraction, Inbox Pause is a fantastic tool for staying on task. All it does is "Pause" the flood of incoming emails, and hides them in a little folder until you click "Unpause." You can even setup an auto-response if you're working on a project that will take a number of hours. This lets people know that, while you're at the office and available if necessary, you won't see/answer emails until a certain time. If focusing is tough for you, give this a try.

•Boomerang: Sometimes I think of ideas and write emails at strange times, but don't want to necessarily send them to a partner, colleague or boss at 3 a.m. Boomerang lets you schedule messages to be sent at any time in the future. Additionally, if you're an inbox-zero type like me, this lets you clear out messages that you're not ready to deal with at the moment, and have them returned back to you at a future date. Often times I'll get partnership requests, or invites to events from friends that may be a month in advance. Boomerang let's me shoot them away until a date closer to the event when I want to be reminded.

•Powerbot- Evernote Integration: I recently jumped on the Evernote bandwagon, and finally stopped bookmarking everything. Powerbot nicely links Evernote with my Gmail so I can download and "file" emails/chains, and attachments directly from my Gmail window. It's a simple tool that pairs well with Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome.
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